Disposable Eco-friendly Flatware Cutlery
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Disposable Eco-friendly Flatware Cutlery

Disposable Eco-friendly Flatware Cutlery

Disposable Eco-friendly Flatware Spiccio Attentive to the environment and the health of users

  • Innovation, Re-education, Revolution
  • Coated in Pure 316 / L steel used for normal cutlery
  • Usable for picnics, canteens, work, sea or mountains, for parties
  • Also comfortable on the boat, camping and sports activities
  • They can be reused as normal cutlery
  • They can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher like normal cutlery
  • Absolute novelty Patented in 150 countries worldwide
  • Patented Italian Design Product
  • Made with Easekeep technology
  • Made in Italy




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Eco-friendly Disposable Cutlery EaseKeep Spiccio

The Easekeep disposable cutlery is attentive to the environment and the health of its consumer user.

If you are tired of finding pieces of cutlery inside your plates Spiccio stalls are ideal. They are protected by patents filed in 150 PCT countries worldwide

It complies with the new directives of the European Union which provides for the limitation of the use of disposable plastic which provides that from 2021 various disposable plastic products such as straws, cotton swabs, cutlery and crockery in general will be banned as well as OXO plastics will be banned -DEGRADABLE that is those that favor the degradation into small fragments.

The cutlery is not painted with mixtures or chemicals but coated with classic 316L stainless steel. In addition, Spiccio cutlery exceeds national quality standards and is a product entirely Made in Italy.

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