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Giuseppe Salvato

Chartered accountant constantly traveling to Italy, consultant in organization and human resources, founder of Nuovidea srl ​​and for years a professor of business economics, currently contract professor of management and relational skills at the pharmacy department in Bologna, he trained at School of Business Administration of Turin, where he obtained his Master in Management and specialized in Publishing and Social Policies at the University of Bari.

Among his multiple interests, he curates works on the history of Foggia and has published his studies on early school leaving and on the relationship between organization and leadership.

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Giuseppe Salvato. Who is it.

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Bari, he subsequently refined his sensitivity to the School of Specialization in Planning and Social Policies always at the same University, having already obtained a two-year Master's degree in business management at the School of Business Administration in Turin.


His professional career begins through the improvement of the conditions of the workplace within the PMI therefore he attends entrepreneurs who want to share this path by identifying solutions and strategies to be applied in individual cases.

He loves his profession and his job as "they pay him to learn" and managerial consultancy is a tailored suit and "cuts" are useless if there is no excellent "sewing" ability.

The passion for his work, the sensitivity to others, led him to the decision to publish, through books, what are his experiences in the management of SMEs that represent the economic structure of his territory and of beautiful Italy.

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