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Sgambaro pasta

For a good and beautiful Life, from the fields to the heart.

The great Italian pasta made with 100% Italian durum wheat. Long drying at low temperatures. Integrated mill and pasta factory to reduce transport and production costs with particular attention to environmental impact.

Two production varieties distinguish the Italian brand in the production of pasta:

Yellow Label - 100% Italian durum wheat -

Bio label - 100% organic -

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Founded by an Italian family with a passion for pasta and the traditions of our country, it has always aimed at the quality of the product and the raw materials to be used for production. For years, it has respected the short and excellent supply chain for a constant and continuous commitment to nature and the environment and to people.

Yellow labels

With the Yellow Label, the product line is identified in which only Marco Aurelio wheat is used, obviously Italian emperor of durum wheat. This wheat was obtained thanks to a selection resulting from a 15-year research. It is a 100% Italian product, cured in all its traceable and safe production aspects. Processed with slow and delicate bronze drawing as well as long drying at low temperatures.

Bio label

The line of products identified with the Bio Label, was born from a careful production analysis and choice of raw materials, over 20 years ago and is part of the tradition of the Sgambaro family.

Use only special and special grains and cereals that are grown and processed with art. Different types of cereals are used such as spelled dicocco and monococco, Quinoa and whole wheat for the production of good healthy and pure foods for a high quality organic line.

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